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About Parkdale Gallery

Parkdale Gallery is a privately owned business. The gallery does not receive funding from any government program. Operations are not constrained by bureaucracy or by requirements which oblige publicly funded art venues."Book an appointment.


Parkdale Gallery Represented Artists

Parkdale Gallery represents artists in a variety of ways. Represented artists have long term commitments with the gallery and are featured in the gallery on an ongoing basis.  Associated artists have been shown in the gallery and are provided with a web page for about six months.

News bite: To see James and others discuss graffiti follow this link to Capital News Online:

Living our values.

As a working artist, James made his way selling his art directly to patrons, painting one commission after another. James paints big and bold. His subject matter too can be different: hockey, toys, aboriginal masks and large portraits. Most galleries though loving his work found that they did not have the space or could not accommodate his style in theme shows.

Opening the Parkdale Gallery in 2006 was James’ opportunity to create an art venue that respects the values of the art community. A gallery that supports the working artist. The value statement for the gallery attempts to capture his vision.

Owner and curator, James Robinson, is a working artist and has a studio in the gallery. Parkdale Gallery reflects his vision of what an artist hopes for:

  • respect for the work
  • support for an artist’s vision
  • a fair environment to show
  • long term commitment
  • giving

Respect for the work

Parkdale Gallery is all about the quality of the artwork. Artists from all regions of Canada and from all backgrounds are invited to submit their works for consideration. New artists that are shown for the first time in a gallery are welcomed by established artists. The result is that the gallery showcases the works of a diverse artistic community.

Support for an artist’s vision

We believe that artists should show the work that they themselves feel best represents their vision and talent. Gallery shows are built around submissions. In this way we are able to showcase the best of an artist’s portfolio. Artists are invited to submit to the gallery on an ongoing basis. ( Artists: Please submit by e-mail with a link to your web site, or with two or three attached compressed images, along with a summary C.V. Thanks.)

Parkdale Gallery does not charge artists any fees to show, nor any installation charges or hanging fees. Works are selected on merit, originality and quality.

A fair and safe environment to show

Parkdale has fair and reasonable contracting practices. Our consignment agreements are based on international fair practices. Artist’s commissions are industry standard and are not rebated or reduced. The gallery does not reduce artist pricing without their prior consent. . Artists enter into a secure contractual relationship wherein copyright is protected.

Long term commitment

Our theme shows are a little longer than most galleries. This way the artists have more exposure to you the public. We also represent artists and work with other galleries to promote local talent.

When the Parkdale Gallery invites an artist to be part of the gallery, our long term contractual commitment includes maintaining a web presence for the artist for a minimum of six months. For some artists this is their first web exposure. For others their web sites are getting better ratings and more visits.


Parkdale Gallery looks for opportunities to share. To learn more visit our Giving page.

Parkdale Gallery is a privately owned and incorporated business. The gallery does not receive funding from any government program. Operations are not constrained by bureaucracy or by requirements which oblige publicly funded art venues.


Why Buy Art? 

There are Lots of Reasons.

Investment. Yes financial data shows that art performs well as an asset over time. But for the people investing in art, the satisfaction in art is being able to hang it on your wall and show it off.

Collecting. Collecting art for love and profit is one of life's great pleasures. Art collecting has a long history, and most of the world's art museums grew out of great private collections formed by royalty, the aristocracy, or the wealthy.

Lasting enjoyment. Carpets, couches, lamps and knickknacks come and go in a lifetime. Art endures the centuries. Be an individual, buy original art.

Buy art because you like it and because it moves you, and because it will enhance your life. The best reason to buy art is because you love it.

Buying Tips

Selecting a work of art is a pleasurable, enjoyable experience. Here are some tips to help you get started turning your blank canvas into a work of art:

Why are you looking to buy? Is it for your home or office? Is it a gift?

Do you have any specific requirements? Think about dimensions of the work, the space/function of the work, materials to be used.

Do you have any particular styles, colours, materials in mind?

Keep an open mind. Your gut reaction is frequently the best way to choose work.

Visualize your space and see what you want it to look like in the future. Choose a style you like abstract, modern, or impressionist and concentrate on pieces that fit into that category. Worried about colour? Bring along a paint chip or fabric swatch to help you find the right color palette. Do you prefer an eclectic look?


Once you have decided what you want to buy, you should also consider the following:

  • Does it make you feel good?
  • Is it aesthetically pleasing?
  • Is it a piece of work you just can't imagine walking away without?
  • Does it have any special requirements for installation?
  • Will it fit the space in your home or office?
  • Does the piece need framing or a change of frame?


You don't need a large budget to get good art up on your walls. Your home does not have to suffer with naked walls. If you're sick of staring at leftover college posters or stretches of blank white paint, try decorating your space with sculptures, paintings or photographs. Finding fine art doesn't have to be difficult or expensive

Parkdale Gallery can help.

Private Appointments. We will contact the artists you are interested in and arrange a meeting to view their works. This will be an opportunity to discuss with the artist what you like about their work. If the artwork you originally found is not available to buy, the artist may have similar works that may interest you. Some artist will be open to commissioning a work just for you.

To have artwork hanging in our house when you've talked to the artist, know who made the piece and the process of how it's done, is a fulfilling experience.

Catalogues of artists collections are available in the gallery for you to browse.

Interior designer services are available through the gallery. You may want some professional help to guide you

Payment Plans. Ask about our payment options.